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Remember this post?

I sucked it up and got the nps necessary to repaint Kyzala back to a basic color.( Also, I bought another Tyrannian PB.)

I am pleased to say that my Kyzala is now striped!:

Neopets - Your Neopets! (1)

I used the PB on my Inuyasha_1313, a Cloud Lupe (sadly, no pre-screencaps) to a Tyrannian Lupe:

Neopets - Your Neopets! (2)

Woo, now everyone has been painted at least once! Still holding out for Royal, Faerie, or Darigan Pbs, but those are in the millions of nps. Someday!


ETA: I should really change the title of this LJ to My Wretched Neopets Thoughts xD