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YEARLY POST: Switching to raw

After much internal debate, I am going to try to switch my doggies' diet to one that's more raw-based.
I've been told that it's risky because "pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria can be easily transmitted to humans by handling the raw food or through contact with the animal's feces."
To this I say: When it comes to bacteria, all raw food contains it. We handle raw meat for cooking and consuming in the human diet. If care is utilized there should be no dangers of getting ill. Dog's digestive systems are strong, short, and powerful enough to kill and quickly discard any bacteria involved.
I'm doing this mainly because I want Morpheus and Loki to be healthy and comfortable as they age. (They'll be 10 this year). Of course, if they don't transition well to it I'm not going to continue. But we'll see!


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