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Bye-bye original Neopet colors!

Gonna paint my 4th and final Neopet that hasn't been painted/morphed to a different color/species: Kyzala28, my female yellow Eryie.

Here she is pre-paint:
Neopets - Customise Your Neopet!

And here she is post-paint: a Tyrannian Eryie!
Neopets - Customise Your Neopet! (1)

Almost immediately, I regretted it T-T Especially with the clothing customization I had for her. She just looks kinda ugly with it all on. :( *sigh*
I was also thinking about repainting my Inuyasha_1313 from Cloud to Tyrannian, because that color is just a tad bit cooler than the Eryie version. oh well. If the current plot continues and more points can be gained, I'll just get another Tyrannian PB. They were only 10K points.

I should have gone with Inu_1313 instead....