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New post, new post of 2013

Phew. I guess I'm never going to get the hang of keeping these.


I'm SO READY for Book 2 of Legend of Korra already! I reeeeally hope there's some more flaashbacks to the Gaang :3

I'm also hoping that the hack m night never completes his terrible live action adaptation of AtLA so it can be quietly rebooted in a few years. Ugh. Nick, why are you showing that pos movie?? I suppose they don't really care about what 99.9% of the fans want for a live action movie, although I'm sure that very same percentage would shell out LOADS more than AtLA 1.0 made (it failed terribly stateside and only made up its budget internationally.). Srsly, stop screwing yourselves over and just kick m.night out! grawrr